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Marketing Consultancy for Self Employed and Small Businesses

Evopixel provides strategic marketing advice to small businese and to self-employed people whom needs a fast presense and with limited resources. We work toghether with you the customer to help get clarity on critical directional questions.
Strategic Marketing

We understand the day-to-day pressures of running a business, but sometimes this pressures brings issues such as delivering marketing activities,these get delayed as the concentration is lost, therefore the marketing projects get postponned, further ineffective.

Evopixel can help and developing realistic marketing programms wich will result in evolution.
Let us help you to get it right.
Marketing Services

We specialise in working and developing marketing services with self-employed persons and with no marketing currently being carried out.

Our services to You includes:

* Marketing Support
* Market Research programmes
* Implement of Strategic Marketing Plans
* Brand and Identity Developments
* Online Website Review
* Online and Offline Marketing

Contact us today for more information about our marketing support.